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"Reflective Poetic Styles Of Poetry"
Hello! This Is The First Book Cover Preview Of "Majestic Poetry" Eloquent Expressions"
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"Who Was I"




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Another Soul

Another Soul
Another soul flew away.
The cruelty of bullying is
tragically still the enemy and device
of choice used to accomplish the precious
waste of God given life daily.
And so now the angels part the heavens
and welcome another vexed, precious soul today,
I still do not care rages the possessed humans
in need of God’s guidance and caring ways.
Have you no love in your heart at all?
What about a bit of empathy and sympathy please?

"Reflective Poetic Styles Of Poetry"

"Hello Again!"  Here Is Reflective Poetic Styles Of Poetry"
This Book Is Now Here Too.  Will Be Ready In Time For Christmas.  As I Gave Earlier Reference Too,
This book Will Focous On Pattern Poetry Such As HaiKu,Simile, Prose, Metaphor, etc. 142 brand new poems.  Poem

Introduction To Lisa's Story

"Lisa's Unforgettable Stories"

My mommy was not a good cook, but oh, how my mom tried.  Whenever I think about the many ruined meals, I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.  I will never forget the numerous disasters that took place if it was cooking my mom tried.  I have such horrible memories from the burned dishes if she baked, toasted or fried.
Lisa's Unforgettable Stories By: Thelma Cunningham
Hello Again!  It gives me great pleasure to

More Poem Samples From Majestic Poetry

 More Poem Samples From Majestic Poetry 

Newest Book: Majestic Poetry


Where I choose to travel,
You must be wise to follow.
It is the way of the cross.

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Earth Wind & Fire - Devotion
A track to play if ever your feeling down; it will sure will lift you up again. Beautiful, a classic! CBS label - 1974.

Hello! This Is The First Book Cover Preview Of "Majestic Poetry" Eloquent Expressions"

This Is The Book Cover Of "Majestic Poetry"Eloquent Expressions"
There are many wonderful poem selections in this book as well as with all the previous book selections in view also here on site.
Thank You Ever So Kindly For Viewing the site and I Pray that you do make your purchases!  I pray special blessings on all who do make any selection of books!  May what you have in prayer be granted to you!
Thanks Again!
Author Thelma Cunningham

"Wow Now That's Poetry" Read Me More... Poems

The Garden
I went to the Garden,
I go there everyday,
I love to visit there,
Sometimes I think there is where
I'll stay.
I might be there from one to six or
more hours night time or day,
I come when I am feeling happy, and
everything is okay,
I come when I am sad and can't find my way.
The garden is a comfort,
The garden is a comfort,
My friend always meets me there,
My friend lives in the garden,
It never matters to him how long I stay,
It never matters to him how long I stay,
I begin to talk to him.

"Say It With Poetry"Trumpet Poetry" Poems

First the light gray clouds appeared in the sky with a grand vast display of
enormous, puffy, gray masses which began claiming territory as it spread its
presence vastly across the endless once light blue sky.
Then the dark, gray intense puffy clouds formed their gathering and they
over took an abundnce of the territory once claimed by the light grays.
The grays began to move together while approaching each other and when their
paths met, the wind blew around the earth fiercely and the sky appeared forcibly

"Majestic Poetry"Eloquent Poetic Expressions"-New Book

Hi! Thanks For Viewing!
Hi! Thanks For Viewing!
Hello!  First I would like to thank you for viewing my web sites.  I have just added this blog.
That way I will be able to let you view samples of selected poems or story features.

Here is an Example
This is a poem from new book:"Majestic Poetry"  "Eloquent Poetic Expressions"
In Prayer
I can only come to you the best way that I know how because,
My soul cries out to you Lord.
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